Race Stories and Tales of Triumph, Tragedy and Torture

The amount of history of the Elk Mountains Grand Traverse includes the testimonies, stories and tales of its participants. So in addition to our Newsroom (with press releases, stories from the newspapers and such), we include contributions from our racers. They’re the ones who live it, breathe it and feel the pain and pleasure, and it’s only right they have a place to tell the tale.

  • The Blessing of the Freeheelers, by Reverand Tim Clark
  • A Grand Travesty, by Andrew Kastning
  • A Star Pass Point of View, by Sue Purvis
  • Letter: 2007 EMGT, by Vouter van Tiel
  • Grand Traverse Experience: 10 years I’ve seen it all, by Allen Hadley
  • Thoughts on the Traverse, by Mike Kloser
  • 2018 EMGT: “Lost” A/T Years, by Brian Wickenhauser