The Elk Mountains Grand Traverse is a bold endeavor in which men and women scale rugged, avalanche swept terrain reaching over two and a half miles into the sky, ski more than 38 miles, and climb better than 6,000 feet. For reasons of snow safety, the race starts at midnight and the odyssey is made mostly in the dark. Skiers travel at altitudes ravaged by winds that suck breath from the lungs and rob extremities of feeling.

Routed over Star and Taylor passes, the Traverse threads skiers through a landscape both beautiful and terrible. Its not just a race. People are tested. Gear is tested. Nature is in charge. To ski it is to experience the unconstrained power and exquisite loveliness of winter’s grip on the mountain world.

The Elk Mountains Grand Traverse welcomes both direct and in-kind sponsorship. To find out how you can help with this event, please contact us.

Postal address
Jan Runge
Elk Mountains Grand Traverse Race Director
P.O. Box 1349
Crested Butte, CO 81224-1349

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